Weekly Event Update - 4/14

4/14/2020 6:14:46 PM   SAE Emerging Technology Series

A few quick updates from the SAE AeroConnect Challenge Program Manager:

  • Presentations are scheduled for May 1st. These presentations have been scheduled out and will be hosted on WebEx. WebEx invites were distributed via email last week. If your team has questions regarding your presentation time or did not receive, please reach out to us at [email protected].

  • SAE Aero Design and AeroConnect Challenge sponsors and volunteers are working hard at outlining a great schedule of sponsor skillshop sessions and expert sessions. Three tentatively confirmed sessions that will be held during the Virtual Event will be:

Takeoff - Modeling the Physics That Separates Airplanes from Cars
Elevate your performance analysis with data! Learn to use MATLAB to incorporate your performance data into a physics-based simulation of acceleration, rollout, and takeoff. In a competition that encourages teams to maximize their payloads, higher fidelity tools and understanding will show you just how far you can push the envelope!

Success in SAE Aero Design – How Modeling and Simulation can help!
Modeling and Simulation help you gain insights into your design while saving time and money! Learn how MathWorks tools can help you model systems, optimize and tune designs and win! This session will introduce you to MathWorks tools like MATLAB, Simulink and Aerospace Blockset for applications like vehicle modeling, sensitivity analysis and mission simulations.

Mass Properties - Weight Management and Optimization, the Ultimate Balancing Act
Learn about and get comfortable with one of the most critical properties required for successful aircraft design. Understanding weight and mass in aircraft design will help you design efficient and effective vehicles. Mass properties influence all aspects of aircraft design, control, manufacture, and maintenance. Be prepared to tackle the, sometimes confounding world of weight balance and the effects on stability. Be the weight czar on your next project!

More information to come next week!